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Our Partner and Certifications - caBIG

AlphaMetrix is certified Distributor of Ocimum Biotracker.

LIMS for Life-Sciences R&D

Preferred Lab Information Management Solutions for Translational & Biomarker Discovery, Gene expression, Genotyping, Biobanking, Toxicogenomic and other clinical programs.


General Purpose LIMS

Introducing Biotracker™ Lite - All the LIMS you need at a price you can afford. Read more...

LIMS for Core Laboratories

A comprehensive and flexible Lab Information management core platform designed for Diverse Laboratory needs. Read more...

LIMS for BioRepositories

With complete biospecimen annotation, genealogy and location tracking, Terminology and Synonym tools, Biotracker™ LIMS provides an advanced central repository for -OMICS data to enable Translational Research. Read more...

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Our Partner and Certifications - GeneChip Compatibe

Our Partner and Certifications - caBIG

Our Partner and Certifications - bioIT Alliance

Our Partner and Certifications - IBM

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